Durable pet food snuffle mat interactive dog toys


Dogs’ noses are another pair of eyes. As their owner, we must exercise them well and correctly. Therefore, we designed this interesting and special feeding mat. Ronsun snuffle mat can be used for interactive games with dogs. You can hide food in various hidden positions on the mat, dogs can use their sense of smell to find food.

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Pets have close relationship with their owners. For every pet’s owner, the health of pets is the most important thing, Ronsun is here to assist you! Ronsun provide the necessary products that pets must use, durable and easy to clean daily necessities, which can meet the needs of each pet. We combine practicality and fun together, pets will enjoy playing with it!

  • Nosework Feeding Mat for Slow Eating:Ronsun ecofriendly snuffle mat for dogs is suitable for both small and large dogs and helps with slow feeding along with nose training. The pet feeding mat effectively slows down the dog’s eating speed to prevent bloat and also challenges your dog’s mind and triggers the natural instinct to dig or forage.
  • Interactive Dog Toys:This pet dog snuffle mat design with a big colorful flower and rich grass shapes that you can hide food and snacks in a wide variety of textures to train your dog‘s natural forage skills. Two cute squeaky carrots can be put into the hole to stimulate your pet’s interest. Good for dogs to relieve stress and release excess energy to prevent destructive behavior.
  • Non-slip & Durable:The bottom design is a non-slip cloth that effectively holds the mat and prevents the dog from moving the mat. Sniff Mat is made of high-quality fabric with a double-layered design, durable and pet-friendly, suitable for the pet to smell training.
  • Easy to Store and Clean:The portable nosework feeding mat is very easy to store and can be rolled up to carry by an adjustable belt, suitable for pet indoor and outdoor activities. And this dog training mat can be washed by machine or hand.
  • Suitable For All Dogs:The dimension of the dog training pad is 70x70cm, which is perfect for all sizes of dogs, small medium large dogs and even rabbit. The dog foraging mat can make your puppy generally healthier, keep your dog occupied and avoid your dog being bored. Every pet lover deserves it.

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