Felt convertible in color new cat tunnel toys


We have the ultimate cats tunnel, perfect to play with your cat and provide loads of fun. And the best of it all.. easily convertible it in an open box.

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Yellow+blue, Yellow+brown, Yellow+grey


170*170*600 mm






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Versatile buttoned assembly and interactive cut-outs create simple spaces for everyday play and lounge.  Made from soft and durable 3mm thick felt, Lima provides an ideal spot for cats that enjoy the comfort of compact spaces. Complimentary colors and careful curves add a modern touch to a cat toy favorite. For endless hours of fun, the Lima tunnel is a must have.

  1. It´s made in high-quality soft materials: This thick breathable fabric is a combination of two colors. Our color and textures selection are easy to integrate into your environment.
  2. The tunnel is provided with loads of holes: while your kitty cat goes in exploration, you can observe from the outside and tease him with other toys by surprise.
  3. Very easy to store and clean: Removable design for easy travel and storage.
  4. Multiple assembly options with one or more sets.
  5. Free shuttle without restraint*Soft and thick, tolerate pets to shuttle and roll in the tunnel freely. Exquisite hole pattern holes, you can observe the outside situation through the holes on the surface of the tunnel.
  6. Several variants and multiple combinations of splicing methods, house shape splicing, straight pipe splicing, cross pipeline splicing, single-tube pipeline self-organization.
  7. We have more than 30 colors for option. Please check with our customer service for a e color chart and choose your favorite color of the felt.
  8. The cat bed is collapsible so it is easily stored. When your cat doesn’t need it, you can easily put it away in a storage cupboard at home. When you want to use it again, you just need to put it out for a while and it will return to its original shape.

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