Milk catboard box shape cat scratcher house bed shelter


A chance to DIY a scratch apartment or castle for your furry friend; A charming multi-functional cardboard cat scratcher that meets your cat’s daily scratch activities and natural hiding.

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Lovely cabin design, pink milk carton shape, triangular roof exterior, looks like a cabin. Cat scratcher board can be a great decoration in your home. Cat loves scratching & hiding. This 3-in-1 multi-functional cat house/bed/scratcher is an ideal product for satisfying cats’ scratching and hiding desires.

  1. Made of high quality glossy finished cardboard. The five-ply corrugated paper acts as a pressing unit and is bonded together with a strong adhesive to ensure durability.
  2. Unique design:The specially designed corrugated shape scratchboard is the perfect place to rest and play. In addition to scratching, the cat can also treat it like a bed and lie on it. The cat scratcher features a milk box design that provides an enclosed space for cats to lounge in or relieve their scratching needs in privacy,cute milk carton shape can be a good decoration at your house.  It can be one of nice and cute decorative items in your living room or kids’ room.
  3. Multifunction:We combine cardboard, cat scratcher, hiding box or cattery into one product, all of them are cat’s favorite things.
  4. Easy to assemble:Only 3 steps, 3 to 5 minutes needed.
  5. Dimensions: 33*31.5*71.5cm , the perfect size for most cats.
  6. Scratcher is glued by corn adhesive which is strong and non-toxic.
  7. It comes with a pack of fresh catnip. If your cat is hesitate to enter the house, sprinkle some catnip on the cat toy scratcher board to guide them into the house.

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