Wood pet slow feeder elevated dog bowls stand


Your pet will love this pet feeder and really enjoy the food in no time. Ceramic bowls are easy to keep clean and hygienic. It is durable, rust-proof and leak-proof.

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368*203*127 mm




No paint


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While traditionally placed at ground level, there are several benefits for dogs when their food and water bowls are lifted. If you place a pet bowls feeders to the right height for a dog, it can maintain the correct posture. When the head is held over the stomach, the food migrates more efficiently through the digestive tract. When the bowls are at the correct height for dogs, the leg joints and the neck are also less strained.

  1. Elevated pet bowl stand for small dogs and cats This feeder can be personalized with a name if you like.
  2. This listing is for one elevated slow feeder dog bowl set. Which includes the wood base & two ceramic bowls.
  3. Made of pinewood – Whole Set Dimensions are : 368*203*127 mm – Bowl 2 cups of food or water. We have several color options available and can be personalized with a name if you like.
  4. Pack lightly – The thicker the vomit, the easier it is for the dog’s skin to get food and water. Alleviating the pain of bloating in dogs Digestive health would be greatly improved if dogs stopped struggling to eat on the ground.
  5. It’s very clean and easy to clean — the feed area is much cleaner with this tall vending machine.
  6. Easy to install: the stand is easy to install without tools. Includes 2 stainless steel dog bowls, is very easy and comfortable.
  7. Equipped with non-slip feet on the bowl inserts that eliminate the impact noise when eating pets. The dog feeder with non-slip feet make it stable and not easy to slip. It prevents your pet bowls from slipping around and protects your floor.

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